5 Best Digital Water Softener for Your Home

Did you know that you may be using water containing dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron? Thanks to technology, you can easily remove water hardness caused by these minerals from your domestic water. Now this is why you need a water softener. This cool device will solve most of your problems such as stained dishes, spotty laundry and ashy skin. That being said, below are the 5 best digital water softeners for your home.

1. Fleck 5600sxt

This digital water softener is probably the first one in our list because of it’s very good quality and fair price. Built with a Fleck electronic valve known to be the best in the business, its grain capacity of 48,000 will ensure that even the hardest water is softened. Apart from consuming very little power, you’ll also benefit from 2 pre-loaded American-made tanks, and both an installation kit and video tutorials.


• 10-year warranty for pre-loaded tanks.
• 5-year valve warranty.
• 48,000-grain capacity.
• Automatic meter-based regeneration cycle.


• You’ll need a whole house filter line to effectively remove iron traces.

2. Aquatrol 56SE

This metered water softener is also another great option to soften your home’s water. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it comes in a variety of sizes (4), therefore you could choose the perfect size that suits your needs. For instance, you could choose a small unit for your kitchen or a larger model for the whole house. However, it’s advisable to stick with a larger model.

Size matters aside, this softener have digital controls enabling you set a specific date or sediment level to begin regenerating. You can also pre-set how the water flows into the softener – how fast the water spills.

Additionally, you will get a life warranty for the American-made tank and a 5-year warranty for the unit.


• Available in 4 different sizes and capacities.


• Removing iron or magnesium may spoil the unit as well as voiding the warranty.

3. Aquios FS-220

This salt-free water softener is arguably the thinnest in the market. First and foremost, this tiny water softener has a carbon filter and is also salt-free. That being said, your water will be softer, purer and tasty like never before. 
In addition, the 27 x 10 x 8 -inch inlets and mounting brackets ensure you won’t need any connectors. However, you should replace the filters periodically to avoid clogging. In short, this product is easy to install and maintain as well as very economical.


• Very economical – less expensive and space saving.


• Not suitable for heavy water.


This 40,000-grain water softener uses the SmartSoft technology that ensures steady supply of soft water as well as monitoring your water usage. You can also remove 10 PPM of iron particles and 125 grains per gallon. That being said, this is the best gateway water softener if you’re on a budget.


Budget friendly.
• Easy to use control panel.


• Faulty brine chamber.
• Poor customer service.

5. Aquasana EQ-1000-AST

This whole house water filtration system is salt-free and comes with a 10-year warranty. To make it even better, it’s also a UV (ultraviolet) filter making it a jack-of-all trades package. Apart from that it effectively removes chlorine particles, heavy metals, pesticides and other dangerous contaminants. In short, this salt free system is more expensive but definitely is a value for your money.


• All-in-one design with an array of installation options.
• Optional UV filter.


• Not pocket friendly.


So did your favorite digital water softener make it in our list? Well, this buyer’s guide has included the key features from the best digital water softeners currently in the market. If you keenly follow this guide, you won’t have any trouble choosing your next water softener. Feel free to leave us your reviews in the comments section below.

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